AI in Education: Future of Modern Education System

The involvement of AI in Education has brought a new wave of innovation which has filled the knowledge gaps and accelerated growth. It is transforming the ways of learning in today’s era. The international market is witnessing significant growth in the education system using AI Technology. However, the pandemic has played a crucial role in developing the Indian education sector. AI is emerging as a powerful tool that is revolutionizing the whole economy. With its capabilities of learning from patterns, processing data, and taking fast decisions, it has completely changed the working of the education sector.

Earlier, for a school or college student, the only way to access vast knowledge was through libraries. But the last few years have changed this fully, now you can access training and knowledge with just one click. AI assists the personalized and unique data that suit the requirements of individuals. Hence, you can easily access online classes and learn while sitting in a room. In this blog, we will be discussing the use cases of AI in education and how it is influencing the Indian Landscape.        

 What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is the process of imitating human intelligence with the help of computer science. It is bringing innovation in teaching as well as learning practices. AI is a rapidly developing technology with numerous risks and challenges of displacing the current policies and regulatory frameworks. However, it is used in every field including agriculture, healthcare, and education. Artificial intelligence is the technology making work easy and simple for humans by polishing their efforts with accuracy and enhancing their speed. It needs various data to make decisions and provide good results. 

AI has developed different applications for the education sector which is improving the quality of education. Additionally, UNESCO has committed to supporting other member states to handle the application of AI technologies for achieving the Education 2030 Agenda. 

Technology has transformed the traditional education system and made it accessible for all. However, with the growing roles AI has made a real-time diagnosis of diseases possible, it also facilitates financial services. There is a robust debate that focuses on the ethics of AI technologies and their workings. 

How is AI impacting education and healthcare?

The growing influence of AI has modernized work ethics in the past few years. It is an encouraging technology that has the potential to revolutionize the Indian Medical education system. AI is developing so fast that it will take over many jobs that a human can’t do but a machine can. Self-learning has become a crucial part of the present environment. Today every second person is using AI for doing their work or enhancing their knowledge. It has significantly affected the two major sectors of the economy first one is education and the other one is healthcare. These two sectors have reached significant heights with the use of Technologies. 

AI in Education and Healthcare

AI is bringing transformations in every sector including healthcare. It has bought diversities in the methods of working as well as diagnosing a human being. AI in healthcare has helped the economy a lot during the Pandemic. It has proven to be the savior during the period. As AI technologies involve the use of machines and computers to complete complex tasks. It has made the system more effective as well as efficient by enacting human efforts correctly. The main aim of AI in healthcare is to examine the relationship between technology and patient report. 

The education sector is also developing and adopting new challenges in the field of technology. Artificial Intelligence has become the core element in the modern education system. Therefore, now education has become more personalized and goal-oriented. AI-based grading systems provide objective assessment, eliminating biases based on gender or socioeconomic background. It can help teachers personalize learning experiences for individual students, identify areas where students need more support, and provide feedback to students in real-time.                                                                                                 

Benefits and Challenges of Using AI in Education

AI in education means an innovative way of learning for students and teachers. It provides valuable knowledge they do not have access to. But AI is rising so much excitement and questions in society. People are wondering if AI in education is ethical, or if it will remove the need for manpower in the future. So every technology has its own set of pros and cons and the same thing goes with AI Technologies.

The benefits of using AI in education

  • Personalized:- It has made the education system personalized and convenient for students. AI bots prepare personalized schedules as per the needs of students. It tailors the learning process to fill the knowledge gaps for the students as well as for teachers. The learning process of each person is different hence now they can learn whenever they want. 
  • Intelligent Tutoring System:- These systems provide feedback to the students for their homework or assignments. With these feedbacks and expert guidelines, they can improve their efforts more effectively. ITSs are providing advanced technical knowledge with machine learning. AI tools help to develop digital content like ebooks, and study guides that can be accessed 24/7.


Challenges of AI in education 

  • Communication Barriers:- AI Technologies in education create communication gaps among students and teachers. Using AI robots in place of humans will neglect personal interactions and give rise to conceptual doubts. However, the use of AI bots will also decrease the level of confidence as well as the communication skills of students. 
  • AI Addiction:- The use of AI in education has the biggest challenge of addiction. As students are getting addicted to AI chatbots for completing their assignments and homework instead of learning new things. It’s limiting the thinking abilities of students and making them dependent on technology for getting their work done. 

AI in education is changing India’s learning landscape 

India is developing its economy with the growing time. These daily changing education policies have brought significant developments in the education sector. The government of India is focusing majorly on growing the literacy rate in the country along with other developments. Education plays a vital role in the infrastructural development of a nation. Although the enhancing influence of AI technology in the education sector has completely transformed the old ways of gaining knowledge. Now the world is moving in the direction of AI-based chatbots or search engines. 

AI technologies are providing secure and transparent modes of learning and educating. It has made education a mode of interaction with professionals in any part of the world. However, for imparting the need for AI in education the Indian Government has introduced the New Education Policy 2020. According to this, crucial skills like computational thinking, digital literacy, and coding have been taught in the school curriculum. Moreover, with this creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills will be enhanced, which are the most important things to survive in today’s era. 

NRF approaches for research in AI

This step will align India’s education system with the developing 21st century and prepare students for the AI economy. In order to promote AI in education, National Research Foundation (NRF) has encouraged high-quality research in the field of technology. The main focus is given to research here because the role of AI is increasing fastly with falling costs. Therefore, three approaches are introduced for conducting research on AI technologies. These approaches are developing and arranging application-based research, addressing global challenges by establishing international research and advancing the core AI technology.


The involvement of AI technologies in the education sector has introduced fresh ways of learning. It made education accessible to all with just one click,i.e., now you can get knowledge via being in your room. The use of technology has secured the system from malpractices and high-level exams can be conducted without fear of leaks. AI is playing a significant role in education by making the system cost-effective, and more personalized. However, with the use of AI in education teachers can engage with the students in innovative ways and use technical strategies to improve the system. Additionally, the government of India is taking initiatives to promote AI in education for moving with the developing 21st century.

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