Apple Launches Vision Pro: Metaverse Impact?

The yesterday’s (June 05) highly anticipated Apple WWDC 2023 event, the tech giant unveiled its cutting-edge AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro, with the potential to revolutionize the metaverse. This momentous release signifies Apple’s ambitious leap into the realm of augmented reality, a venture they have been eagerly planning for quite some time.

The arrival of this groundbreaking product is generating waves of excitement akin to the momentous launch of the Apple Watch back in 2015. Not only does it hold the power to transform the way we perceive and embrace augmented reality, but it also positions Apple as a formidable contender in the metaverse, poised to challenge the dominance of Meta Quest and other established VR headsets. With this move, Apple stands to make an even greater impact on the immersive virtual world that lies ahead. 

Apple Vision Pro: A Mixed Reality Product

Virtual reality was initially hailed as the internet’s groundbreaking successor, ushering in a new era. Companies eagerly embraced this shift, seizing the opportunity to capitalize on it. As a result, Mark Zuckerberg shifted gears, giving birth to Meta as a new entity separate from Facebook.

However, Apple has now taken a momentous leap by introducing its cutting-edge Vision Pro AR/VR headset. This development is poised to revolutionize the market and reshape the metaverse as we currently know it. This groundbreaking product seamlessly integrates Apple’s most popular applications. Offering a truly immersive experience, all at a price tag of $3,499 (₹2,88,950). 

Apple Vision Pro

What’s more, Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasizes the extraordinary control users will have over the headset. This empowers users to manipulate it with their hands, eyes, or voice. The device boasts eye-tracking technology capable of pinpointing icons on the home screen by following the user’s gaze. The announcement also revealed that renowned applications like Disney+ would be available right from the outset.

Furthermore, the product’s extraordinary capabilities extend to its innovative EyeSight technology, enabling external individuals to observe the user’s eye movements. Not only can it determine if the user is occupied or available, but it also alerts them when someone enters their field of view within the realm of mixed reality.

Additional Features of Apple’s Vision Pro

Apple made a fascinating revelation during their WWDC 2023 by introducing Optic ID, an innovative biometrics system for Apple Vision Pro. This cutting-edge technology utilizes iris analysis to uniquely identify individuals, resembling the way Face ID functions on iPhones, but on a more specific level. 

Powering this remarkable headset is visionOS, a platform rooted in iOS, ensuring a seamless user experience. Prepare to be captivated by its brand new interface, featuring a captivating spatial 3D design and a floating app grid home screen. 

Features of Apple's Vision Pro

For quite some time, Apple has been diligently crafting groundbreaking technologies tailored for the mass consumer market. Conversely, while speculations and rumors have been swirling around, the company remained tight-lipped until now, leaving enthusiasts in suspense.

Finally, Apple’s much-anticipated WWDC 2023 witnessed the grand unveiling of this remarkable product. However, one question still lingers: When will it hit the market? Countless speculations have emerged regarding its release date, but one thing is undeniably intriguing—it could mark Apple’s inaugural step into the metaverse. 

Apple Venturing into the Metaverse

The metaverse, often hailed as the next evolutionary step for the internet, has generated immense anticipation. Apple, however, has the unique opportunity to revolutionize people’s perception of the digital realm through its Vision One AR/VR Headset. Significantly, this groundbreaking device has the potential to reshape the way average consumers interact with the digital space. 

VR headsets have the potential to enhance metaverse experiences, but they are not limited to that alone. With the introduction of Apple’s Vision One, you can embark on captivating journeys through immersive digital environments. Consequently, this paves the way for a rapid evolution of the digital realm, unlocking a plethora of exciting opportunities. 

Augmented reality involves overlaying the virtual world with our physical reality. Apple’s extensive consumer base and its commitment to maintaining the highest standards in application development could potentially open a new door for this technology. With Apple delving into this venture, we can anticipate accelerated development in various domains, such as social platforms, gaming experiences, and beyond.

The entire industry is brimming with enthusiasm at the prospect of Apple’s involvement in the metaverse. In an interview with The Verge, the CEO of the VR/AR platform Campfire 3D expressed his exhilaration, stating, “This is an absolute game-changer for our industry. Whether you’re involved in hardware or software, this is something that excites us tremendously.” 


The launch of Apple’s Vision Pro AR/VR headset at the WWDC 2023 event marks a significant milestone for the company and the metaverse. With its cutting-edge technology and integration of popular applications, Apple is poised to challenge the dominance of established VR headsets and make a lasting impact on the immersive virtual world. 

The Vision Pro’s features showcase Apple’s commitment to delivering a seamless and innovative user experience. As Apple ventures into the metaverse, it has the potential to revolutionize the way people interact with the digital space and accelerate development across various domains. The industry is abuzz with excitement, recognizing Apple’s involvement as a game-changer for the VR/AR industry.

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