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Belt and Road Initiative
China Accelerates Global Dominance of Digital Yuan with Belt and Road Initiative
China’s Belt and Road Initiative is one of the most ambitious infrastructure plans...
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MiCA Regulations
Crypto Goes Legit: European Parliament Embraces MiCA Regulations
The European Parliament has finally approved the Markets in Crypto-Assets Act or MiCA...
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Consensus Mechanism
What is Consensus Mechanism in Crypto World?
Blockchain technology is the backbone of the cryptocurrency world. It enables secure and...
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Layer-1 and Layer-2
What are Layer-1 and Layer-2 Blockchain Solutions?
Blockchain technology has been gaining popularity over the past decade for its potential...
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Shibarium Layer-2 Solution
Shibarium Layer-2 Solution: A Revolutionary Blockchain Solution for Shiba Inu Community
Shiba Inu is one of the largest altcoin projects in the cryptocurrency industry, having...
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Weekly crypto roundup
Weekly Crypto Market Report As Per 18 April
Recently Bitcoin reached the value of $30,000 for the first time after June 2022, creating...
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