eBay Ventures Into Metaverse and NFTs World

After submitting numerous trademark applications for various products in the metaverse, American eCommerce juggernaut eBay is the most recent well-known brand to show interest in the area.

The business submitted applications for non-fungible tokens (NFT), NFT markets, NFT trading, and online storefronts for both physical and virtual items. On June 23, the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) received the application.

On June 28, registered trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis tweeted about the application. In his tweet, he said: –


This decision seems to have been taken after seeing the current ongoing economic meltdown. However, this scheme will help in attracting more customers to this business. Despite being a pioneer marketplace, Finbold revealed that the company’s shares had been downgraded on June 28 after losing more than 30% of their value overall.

According to the application summary, the eBay metaverse startup plans to provide services including an interactive website that lets users interact with blockchain-based digital assets. The business also plans to offer exchange services for NFTs.

Other brands like eBay are also interested in Metaverse

  1. Amazon
    One of eBay‘s biggest rivals, Amazon, has also shown interest in the metaverse. By announcing ambitions to enhance consumer satisfaction with Amazon View, a virtual augmented room. Users can view a 3D floor layout of their home thanks to the product.
  2. Mars Inc.
    They also submitted an NFT application for M & M trademark.
  3. McDonald’s and KFC
  4. De Lorean
    They also submitted two trademark application

According to a Finbold analysis, almost 4,000 NFT-related trademarks were registered in the US between January 1 and May 31, 2022.

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