ETHW Hardfork Airdrop Reward Distribution By Suncrypto

Suncrypto Exchange is all in support of the ETHW airdrop which has been completed on September 16, 2022. After the merge, the users who had the ETH cryptocurrency before the merge are eligible to receive this airdrop and Suncrypto will be moving forward with this. Suncrypto users will receive this airdrop by 4 pm on 18 September. This is to ensure all the safety precautions are taken and also we will require a day or two to deliver the airdrop to all the respective users. 

What is ETHPOW (ETHW)?

In the last month or two Ethereum Merge news was all over the news and internet and the merge was scheduled to happen on 16 September and it did successfully.  With this merge, Ethereum has shifted from its old Proof of Work blockchain to a new Proof of stake blockchain. There were various reasons to do this but the biggest reasons were to secure the blockchain even more and cut down the electricity consumption which was huge due to the mining process.

But merge was not the only thing that happened, a hard fork of Ethereum happened which created the ETHW cryptocurrency. This is based on the proof of work blockchain and will work there whereas the ETH will be working on Proof of stake (as the merge is completed). There were some speculations that a hard fork might happen because a lot of users do not want to let go of the mining process but it was just a rumor and no official statement was given by the Ethereum team for the planning of this Hardfork.

At the moment ETHPOW is being traded at the price ₹715.68 on the coinmarketcap but there’s no information related to the total supply, there are not even details of the person who did the hard fork. 

What are the conditions for receiving this Airdrop at Suncrypto?

To receive this Airdrop from Suncrypto you have to fulfill these conditions: –

  1. You have to be a Suncrypto user
  2. Only if you were holding (HODL) the ETH up to the September 15 end 23:59:59 Ist zone than you will receive this Airdrop.
  3. The airdrop you will receive will be equal to the ETH you were holding before the merge. Means 1ETH=1ETHW (The amount of ETH will be equivalent to the amount of ETHPOW)
  4. You will receive this ETH (INR) Airdrop on the 18 September, 4 pm Ist. zone. 
  5. There will be no lock-in periods with this Airdrop you can just instantly start buying and selling this. 

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