Ex US President Donald Trump Has Launched His NFT Collection

With the ongoing bear market, the NFT development is reaching new heights as Trump Has Launched His NFT Collection. Read more about it in this blog. 

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America has formally announced the launch of his personal NFT collection. This happened after a week after Trump’s post of a “major announcement” on his personal social media platform “Truth Social.” The major audience was expecting it to be about his running mate for the 2024 presidential election. Instead, it was an NFT launch which was upsetting for most Trump supporters. 

But regardless of that, all the 45,000 NFT pieces were sold within 12 hours of launch. In these NFTs, the ex-president is seen in different attires such as superman, spaceman, sheriff, stock market broker, golfer, etc. According to Donald’s post on Thursday: – 

“My official Donald Trump Digital Trading Card collection is here!”

This wasn’t the very first ever NFT collection from the Trump family as Melania  Trump, the wife of Donal Trump launched an NFT sale last year. That was an inaugural image of her own eyes.

Trump Has Launched His NFT Collection

Trump Has Launched His1st NFT Collection

Back in 2021, Trump posted against the cryptocurrency but now has come up with his own NFT collection worth $99 each. According to the OpenSea data trump has raised $4.45 Million from this one collection only. The creator of the NFTs will also receive 10% of the profit on every sale on the secondary markets. 

Fans of Trump also have the option to participate in the giveaway without purchasing any trading cards. Collectors who purchase digital cards other than the secondary markets will not be eligible for awards because the contest entries are not linked to the digital cards themselves.

NFT INT, the company that created these NFTs has cleared through their site that the money raised through these NFTs won’t be used for Trump’s 2024 presidential election campaign. According to a statement on the website, neither Trump nor any of his enterprises own NFT INT LLC, nor is Trump personally responsible for the collection. Trump opted to license his name, likeness, and image for the project.

Even if NFT INT’s funds aren’t used to support Trump’s campaign, he may receive revenue through royalties on these.

Donald Trump’s Promotional Acts

Trump said that the NFTs are “Very much like a baseball card but hopefully much more interesting.” You can win a number of prizes, including a private meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, by purchasing a Trump NFT. People who buy more than 45 of the cards are invited to a gala banquet in Florida to meet Trump. According to Dune data, 202 persons currently have more than 45 of the NFTs in their digital wallet.

Trump also launched a promotional video on his social media platform where he’s presented at Trump Tower in New York, ripping his shirt off to show his Superman costume with a “T” logo on the chest, and launching a laser beam from his eyes. 

All of these NFTs are minted on the Polygon blockchain which makes it more eco-friendly and carbon-neutral. Like many other brands, these NFTs launched by Donald are called digital collectibles to portray it more positively. 

Final Thoughts

With the news of Trump Has Launched His NFT Collection, the demand for NFT’s are gonna be high for some time. Cryptocurrency has a divided image where some prefer it while some are against it. But this is not the case with NFTs, and now even the Ex-President is in support of his own NFTs.

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