FIFA Announced A Range Of Web3.0 Games

The FIFA 2022 word cup is happening this year in Qatar from 20 November, which is already exciting for people all around the world. But FIFA has announced a portfolio of web3.0 games to engage more people in it. 

As FIFA continues to expand into new digital spaces, platforms, and games that are welcoming football fans onto them. Gaming and esports are some of the business prospects that are expanding the fastest. Earlier FIFA also announced about releasing the FIFA-based special edition NFTs for football lovers who also love cryptocurrency. 

Before that FIFA and Roblox collaborated which offered the Roblox community and football lovers everywhere in the world access to play the FIFA World for free. It is a virtual setting that celebrates the strength of the game of football and the lengthy history of its most important competitions.

The platform even filed for a trademark application in July to enter the Metaverse world. In September, it introduced FIFA+ Collect, a digital collectibles marketplace with a soccer theme. FIFA has actually been very active in Web3 this year.

“This is a really exciting group of partnerships that we’ve entered into as we welcome a new, digitally-native football fan and connect with them in the venues that we know they are already engaged within,” said Chief Business Officer Romy Gai.

He further continued: – 

“As we continue to build our gaming strategy long into the future, it’s certain that web 3.0 will have an important role to play, and this marks the start of our journey.”

According to the official blog post of the platform, the new game integrations, which are all playable throughout the competition and each has their own distinctive take on the world’s biggest football tournament, were all created with web 3.0 and the future of digital engagement in mind.

The list of these FIFA launches

Altered State Machine – AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition

A 4-on-4 casual football game called AI League will be played amongst AI-controlled characters with player interaction at amusing and strategic times. With the help of power-ups and training, players can take on the roles of owner and coach for their AI teams. Players can also assemble teams with their preferred talent combinations by collecting and trading characters. The playing fields are based on locations all around the world from Paris to Rio, Yaoundé to Seoul.

Uplandme – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in the Upland Metaverse

Upland is known as the largest blockchain-based metaverse that is physically mapped to the actual world, and it allows users to buy and sell virtual homes. They will be able to gather authentic World Cup digital assets, such as renowned video highlights of the competition.

They can take a trip to the replica Lusail Stadium and Village for the FIFA World Cup. And can shop there to decorate their Upland residence with objects in keeping with their team colors, exchange goods with friends, and compete for a variety of rewards.

Matchday – Matchday Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition

According to the official blog Matchday, a highly entertaining casual social prediction game based on football cards, aims to capture the emotional high of football fanaticism. The fun is not just found in “getting it right,” but also in defeating your friends.

Phygtl – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on Phygtl

Phygtl is a fan engagement mobile app that expands the definition of fandom. Fans can collaborate to co-create the world’s first fan-generated digital award in this immersive experience. Fans can add a golden globe football to their real-world surroundings. Additionally, own a small piece of it to attach and immortalize their personally chosen World Cup photos and videos. A virtual illustration of enduring fandom.

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