Firozabad Police Launched A Web Portal Based on Polygon Blockchain

After the government of India showed a positive interest in crypto by introducing the E-Rupee, news related to Polygon was presented by the Firozabad police. The police have launched a web portal that is based on the Polygon Modular Blockchain. This is done to ensure that the investigation proceeding can be faster. 

Firozabad is a city in Uttar Pradesh state and this initiative is taken to decrease the criminal activities in the city by using blockchain technology in reporting crimes. 

The portal for registering the complaints will be and this will be helpful in maintaining transparency between the common public and the police force. According to the official announcement, this approach will make the complaints immutable and transparent as the complaints that will be registered can’t be removed or deleted by anyone once they are registered. 

The 0xPolygon modular blockchain is used for the launch of this online portal by the Firozabad police. It is considered one of the best blockchain platforms since it offers security services and addresses common blockchain problems.

Interestingly the founder of the Polygon Sandeep Nailwal is also an Indian and he showed his happiness at the Polygon being chosen by the Firozabad police. Through a Twitter post, he talked about how the increasing crime in India is concerning and how the Polygon will be helpful for this situation. He said: –

This is something I care much about. We are constantly exposed to stories of how victims of violent crimes—most commonly rape—are either unable to file complaints at all or have such reports fabricated.

He continued further “No lower-level authorities can reject an FIR that is submitted on the blockchain, especially if users can access an online platform to do so while providing their identification. This will fundamentally change how justice is delivered.”

What are the characteristics of this Polygon web portal?

Through the official website of Firozabad police, more information about this web report portal was released by the authorities. According to the statement, the following are the features of this web portal: –

  1. Anybody can file complaints
  2. The report can be filed online and easily
  3. The portal will contain features like ReCaptcha verification and Token number generation for additional status inquiries.
  4. The website will display the security measures for registration. 
  5. The complaints will be categorized according to the village for better efficiency. 
  6. The system will automatically generate SMS and email acknowledgments and generates a unique token number for every report.
  7.  The people will also be able to see the status of the report
  8. The system will send reminders in case it is missed, etc. 


Through a video shared on Twitter IPS, Ashish Tiwari shared information about the web portal. In which he talked about the transparency and immutability this blockchain portal will provide. Additionally, he mentioned that several QR codes are pasted around the police stations. So that people can directly scan them to report their concerns. He also talked about the blockchain and how this is a good option and is personalized by a person on the police force for this purpose. 

This wasn’t the only usage of Polygon in India, earlier Polygon partnered with Infosys M Ltd to launch M-Setu. M-Setu is an open-source gateway that allows businesses to communicate with Ethereum. Not only this the Maharashtra government used polygon blockchain to issue the caste certificate for the people of Etapalli and Bhamragad villages of Gadchiroli district. Actually, a polygon-based platform LegitDoc was used for this which made the verification process much easier. 

Such adoption of Polygon seen in India is a good start to digitizing India with the current accurate and advanced technology. Now it’s time to see how cryptocurrency can help more in India’s development. 

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