GameSwift Is Collaborating With Polygon To Create a Huge Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

GameSwift recently announced that they are collaborating with Polygon where they are creating a web3 gaming ecosystem to attract more gamers and the mass adoption of the web3 games. 

GameSwift is in a position to develop one of the most significant web3 gaming solutions. As a result, they are building a brand-new decentralized blockchain that will host the first network that is specifically designed for gaming.


They offer all the components necessary to create a full web3 gaming empire because they are a decentralized and community-driven environment. It is a 360-degree platform for game creators and game studios that provides all the resources required to introduce web2 games into the web3 environment as well as a place for true gamers who wish to engage with the crypto community and join web3.

GameSwift intends to launch a number of more cutting-edge features, including the GameSwift launcher, studios, portal, analytics tool, and browser extension.

GameSwift, formerly known as StarTerra, underwent a rebranding to allow itself to concentrate on its gaming segments. This is not surprising considering that StarTerra’s personalization of the crowdfunding process was one of the reasons it became one of the biggest platforms on the Terra network.

Why GameSwift is collaborating with Polygon?

With the help of this new approach, game studios and developers will be able to introduce Web2 games into the Web3 environment and attract additional players into the cryptocurrency area.

The collaboration with Polygon will enable GameSwift to benefit from the latest Polygon chain improvement and create a gaming network based on the Polygon Edge architecture.

As a result, players can take advantage of a remarkable gaming experience with an incredibly quick throughput and a minimal transaction charge.

Similar to how a Google, Apple, or Facebook account functions, GameSwift will introduce a mechanism that will enable users to log into different games and applications with a single account. GameSwift’s goal is to make it easy for gaming projects to get started with blockchain technology so that creators can concentrate on what they do best: create.

Impact of the GameSwift on the Gaming Industry

Gaming is one of the many industries in which Web3 has changed. Web3-based games enable players to interact with the games in unique and decentralized ways, in contrast to standard gaming platforms. For instance, playing with non-fungible tokens can earn people money. This decentralizes all parts of gaming and gives players overall control over the experience rather than a single central authority.

Since 2020, the blockchain-based Web3 gaming ecosystem has expanded quickly. In January 2022 alone, investors contributed $1 billion to new Web3 projects, a 25% increase from 2021. By the end of this year, Web3 gaming is planning to attract many new investments.

What this collaboration will lead to?

All games in the GameSwift ecosystem will be playable through a specialized launcher that will store and continuously update them to the most recent version in order to make the platform as user-friendly as possible. Furthermore, the platform will include GameSwift ID, a non-custodial, universal, decentralized identity that will assist Web3 developers in seamless onboarding a variety of gamers.

The GameSwift Portal, one of the platform’s additional features, was created to aid developers in the launch of their own INOs and IGOs. Additionally, there is the GameSwift Bridge, which connects the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Substrate chains and enables seamless cross-chain transfers of money and other digital assets.

Web3 developers will have access to GameSwift’s extensive analytics offering to better comprehend and interact with their users. In order to establish new tactics and promote growth, this will enable everyone from guild members to marketing studios to dive deeper into a project’s data.

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