How to buy Gari token in India?

GARI is the social token for the creators on the Chingari platform. The token is referred to as India’s very first cryptocurrency token. Additionally, it serves as the governance token, giving creators control over how the platform will develop in the future. Here in this blog, you will get the procedures to buy GARI Token in India. 

The GARI token was released in October 2021 and is currently trading at the price of ₹4.27 with a market cap of ₹846,349,311. The highest value ever recorded was ₹86.12 on 18 January 2022, and the lowest it went was ₹3.90 on 13 October 2022 (according to coinmarketcap). 

The GARI Token is the monetary and governance token of the video-sharing website Chingari. It is making it easier for creators to earn money off of their digital work. To launch this token on a decentralized exchange. the famous Solana was used by the platform. 

Chingari is a social interaction startup with a base in Banglore. It is an application for sharing videos and has features like dance, lip-syncs, and effects. In November 2018, the app got launched by Sumit Ghosh, Biswatma Nayak, and Deepak Salvi.

Why buy Gari Token in India?

For any cryptocurrency, their use case and price matter a lot, and because of that, only the user wants to buy them. In the case of Gari Token, there are a lot of reasons.

Factors that helped GARI to receive such popularity

High quantity

With a maximum supply of 1 Billion, it is simple for individuals to buy it because there is a large quantity of the tokens. So people ended up buying it as it was easier to get. 

Low price

GARI is an Indian token so it didn’t receive comparatively that much attention from users all around the world so it got limited to Indian users mainly. Also, the quantity was good, the demand was easily fulfilled so the price remained low.

At the price of a Bitcoin or any other big cryptocurrency, you can buy millions of GARI. At the moment the price of GARI is ₹4.27. 

Backup from Indian Celebrities like Salman Khan

GARI got big support from Indian celebrities like Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Johnny Lever and because of that people got interested in this. Not only celebrities, but many influencers were also promoting the token on various social media platforms. 

What can risk the growth of GARI?

Changing Trends 

Every year, a large number of cryptocurrencies are introduced, and buyers choose to buy the ones that have better features or are more popular in the market. As a result, there is a chance that most cryptocurrencies may lose their value because of changing trends.  Cryptocurrencies that are trendy today may become useless tomorrow. 

Easy availability leads to limited growth

It didn’t much attention in the international markets and when the market gets in the bearish mode even the popular cryptos can’t survive. The user demand for this token is easily fulfilled because of its 1 Billion supply, so the growth can be limited because of the fulfilled demand. 

People prefer international cryptos

Even Indian users prefer cryptos that are from other popular and advanced countries. So people might shift from this to any more famous token because of their interest in the foreign crypto market. 

How can you buy GARI Token in India on Suncrypto?

You can get GARI in a variety of ways like buying it directly or receiving it as payment for goods and services. The most commonly used and safe method is to get it through a reliable exchange like Suncrypto Exchange. 

Follow these steps to buy your GARI on the Suncrypto 
  • Download the Suncrypto application from the Play Store or the App store.
  • Complete the KYC process by filling out the requirements.
  • Deposit money in the Suncrypto account so that you can buy cryptos on the platform.
  • Search the GARI coin on the application.
  • Select the quantity and press buy.
  • And the buying process is done. 

GARI is a cheap token and has a fair reputation in the crypto market so it can be an investment to start with low prices. Even though the investment is easy, a person should do their research before investing in the market. 

For more crypto-related information and news you can check out the Suncrypto academy.

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