How to Buy Notcoin (NOT) in India?

Notcoin (NOT) is a play-to-earn coin in the TON ecosystem. It is primarily used in a Telegram-based game, where users earn coins by tapping virtual coins and fulfilling in-game activities.

SunCrypto has recently listed the NOT coin on its platform and opened the trades for the pair NOT/INR. To that end, SunCrypto users want to know what Notcoin is and how they can buy the NOT coin on the SunCrypto application.

Notcoin is primarily utilized in Telegram’s Tap-to-win game, in which users win Notcoins by tapping on a virtual coin. This basic yet addicting mechanism allows players to earn in-game money by doing common gaming tasks. 

What is NOT?

Initially, NOT started as a popular Telegram game aimed to introduce users to the world of Web3 on the TON Blockchain. It takes an unusual approach, as the project’s official website simply includes a request to join a Telegram community, as well as links to its social media profiles and whitepaper.

Notcoin Website

Typically, a project’s whitepaper is the most basic document offered to the community and possible investors. It comprises all project-related information, such as technological architecture, parameters, team member backgrounds, plans, and so on.

The Notcoin Whitepaper consists of only 9 pages, with the first page headed with “Notcoin Whitepaper November 2023,” and the remaining eight are blank white sheets. Launched in November 2023 by Open Builders, a team with limited experience in large-scale initiatives, Notcoin is rooted in the TON ecosystem and is hosted directly within the well-known Telegram messenger.

The project has introduced the “tap-to-earn” mining mechanic, and it appears that NOT is widely used as a community coin, with users earning it by discovering Web3 products, participating in various games, adding value to the ecosystem, and Web3 developers offering their products to the community via Notcoin campaigns.

Earlier in May, the team provided another update to a feature called Notcoin Explore. In addition to the beta version of their clicking game, Notcoin Explore introduces something “more advanced” to their project. It essentially lets users to discover new Web3 items while earning NOT in the process.

The procedure is twofold: The new Web3 projects will purchase NOT from the market and put it into the campaign pool, which will subsequently reward NOT community members who interact.

In any case, Notcoin has become a popular cryptocurrency, with roughly 7 million members in its Telegram group and nearly 2 million on X. The team has also announced that once the product is live on-chain, they will start burning coins from the total supply.

Working of NOT Coin

Sasha Plotvinov, co-founder of Notcoin, characterizes it as an experiment in coin distribution. Many new cryptocurrencies fail to distribute their coins to actual community members because the majority of new coins are purchased by institutional investors. 

Notcoin promises that their method of gamifying coin distribution would give a more equitable and direct manner of receiving coins. Because coins are exclusively available to app users, Plotvinov thinks that the project will provide a fun way to thank TON Foundation members.

The Notcoin crypto project also aims to make the introduction of its cryptocurrency system easier. Plotvinov believes that many airdrops are influenced by cryptocurrency whales and social media influencers. 

The Notcoin team wants to avoid getting caught up in the marketing loop of developing intricate closed beta systems, pursuing investors, and promising massive features. They have a “what you see is what you get” policy. Plotvinov expects that this will prevent price manipulation and make the launch less complex.

Benefits & Use Cases of Notcoin

Notcoin allows gamers to earn real money from their gameplay. By engaging in the game, users can earn Notcoins, which can be turned into the NOT coin when it launches. This play-to-earn concept not only provides revenue incentives but also instills a sense of accomplishment and competition in players. 

For developers, Notcoin’s success highlights the possibilities of combining blockchain technology and games. It offers an approach for making scalable, interesting games that take advantage of decentralized finance and social networks. 

With its viral success, Notcoin has already shown tremendous real-world utility. Within a week after its formal introduction, the game had over 4.1 million players, with a total of 35 million by May 2024. This rapid acceptance highlights Notcoin’s ability to engage people and generate value through gameplay. 

Players earn Notcoins by playing the game, performing goals, and referring friends. These initiatives increase user engagement and community building on the Telegram platform. 

Tokenomics of NOT coin

Notcoin has a total supply of 102,719,221,714 NOT coins. Of the total, 78% (roughly 80.2 billion tokens) are awarded to early miners and voucher holders, guaranteeing that the community retains a sizable part of the tokens. The remaining 22% is kept for new users, traders, and future development stages. 

Notecoin Tokenomics

This allocation technique seeks to foster a decentralized, community-driven ecosystem. In-game Notcoins are converted to NOT tokens at a 1,000:1 ratio upon launch. 

How to Buy NOT Coin on SunCrypto?

The process of buying Notcoin (NOT) or any other cryptocurrency token in India is straightforward, but locating a reputable exchange is one of the most challenging tasks. In this case, SunCrypto leads the pack by adhering to all regulatory requirements, making it the safe haven of the Indian crypto sector.

Follow these simple steps to find out how to buy Notcoin (NOT) in India:

Toncoin on SunCrypto

▪ Download the SunCrypto Application from the Google App Store or Apple App Store.

▪ Complete the registration and KYC process, and then simply add a bank account on the SunCrypto application. 

▪ To buy NOT Tokens, deposit INR on SunCrypto using IMPS or a bank transfer.

▪ Search NOT in the market section and click on it.

▪ Tap the BUY button and enter the amount.

▪ Click the PAY button and enter the MPIN to complete the NOT purchase on SunCrypto.

▪ And you are done with your buying, you can check your NOT token holdings in the portfolio section.


Notcoin (NOT) is a well-known project with a great reputation in the crypto sector, making it an excellent choice for beginners due to its low cost. Even though the investment is simple, a person should conduct research before entering the market. 

To learn more about how to buy Notcoin (NOT) in India or SunCrypto, go check out SunCrypto Academy


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