How To Buy Volt Inu In India?

Volt Inu V2  is a deflationary token that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Its price grows with deflationary techniques and other revenue-generational techniques. At the moment it is trading at the value of ₹0.000113 with a market cap of ₹6,189,353,655 (on the day of writing). It has a maximum supply of 69 Trillion. Volt Inu reached its all-time high of ₹0.0002874 on 26 April 2022 and its all-time low of ₹0.00004038 on 18 June 2022. Read this article for step by step guide how to buy volt inu in india.

Volt Inu has the ideal mix of utilities supporting both the token’s practical use cases and its finite supply. On both the BSC and ERC20 blockchains, the hyper-deflationary-driven coin continuously develops aggressive burning algorithms with an automatic burn tax.

Here profits from treasury investments are used to purchase back and burn Volt tokens because the cryptocurrency is designed to be a hyper-deflationary asset. Along with this deflationary approach, Volt has also imposed automatic burn taxes of 2% on ETH and 4% on BSC. Because of the reduction in the amount of circulating supply, the combination of these factors ensures a price floor that keeps growing.

Users of the browser-based online game P2E Racer: where Volt Inu 2D Racers can take part in races for free and pay to play for projects they can select and/or build before paying. The purpose of the game is to either compete for a project to make it earn a buyback & burn or to receive rewards in cryptocurrency for placing well on several leaderboards.

Why buy volt Inu in India?

Factors that helped Volt Inu V2 to receive such popularity are: – 

High quantity

It has a maximum supply of 69 Trillion which made it easy for people to buy it as the quantity is that much. The circulating supply of Volt at the moment is 54,766.29B which is only 79% of the total. 

Low price

Because of its high quantity, and the demand being able to be easily fulfilled the price is really low. At the price of a Bitcoin or any other big cryptocurrency, you can buy millions of Volt. At the moment the price of Volt is ₹0.0001213. 

Reward system

Volt Inu has a ranking and reward system that is based on the number of tasks completed. The Volt INU holders are eligible for the weekly rewards, and if they choose to burn some of their tokens they will get some bonus as well. 

What can risk the growth of Volt Inu V2?

Changing Trends

Every year so many cryptocurrencies get launched and people prefer to buy the ones which one has better features or is trendier. This way trends keep changing and crypto which is popular today might end up being abandoned tomorrow so there’s a risk of happening to most of the cryptocurrencies. 

Easy availability leads to limited growth

Crypto is all about demand, if crypto is too high in quantity, the demand gets fulfilled easily so that crypto has comparatively less chance of getting high values. Here in the case of Volt, the quantity is 69 Trillion which is quite high so that can be a thing of discussion. 

How can you buy Volt Inu in India using SunCrypto?

It can be purchased in a variety of ways or you can get it as payment for goods and services. The most commonly used and safe method is to get it through a reliable exchange like Suncrypto Exchange. 

Follow these steps to buy your Volt Inu  on the Suncrypto 

  • Download the Suncrypto application from the Play Store or the App store 
  • Complete the KYC process by filling out the requirements
  • Deposit the account to buy cryptos on the platform
  • Search the Volt Inu crypto on the application
  • Select the quantity and press buy
  • And you are done with the buying process

Volt Inu V2 is a cheap cryptocurrency and has a fair reputation in the crypto market so it can be an investment to start with low prices. Even though the investment is easy, a person should do their research before investing in the market. 

For more crypto-related information and news you can check out the Suncrypto academy.

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