Metavertu Vs Solana Saga: Who will Win the Web3 Smartphone Race

For technology to make a significant impact on humanity, it must be scalable and accessible to the majority of people. That has certainly been the case since the late 1990s when the smartphone industry took its initial steps toward widespread adoption.

At that time, people around the world are using smartphones for the sole purpose of communication. And as the smartphone industry matures, the way of communication became far more superior. 

But the concerns over privacy remain one of the major barriers for the smartphone industry to grow. And that’s why the need for a decentralized ecosystem emerged. This prompted several smartphone manufacturing companies to start venturing into the Web3 realm.

As a result of this scenario, the term “Web3 Smartphone” was coined. So, what exactly is a Web3 Smartphone, and which smartphone companies are launching their own Web3 gears? Let’s discuss this in deep.

Metavertu Vs Solana Saga Web3 Smartphones: What Actually Web3 Smartphones Are?

Web3 smartphones are also known as blockchain smartphones. These mobile devices are specifically designed to enable users to interact with decentralized applications on the blockchain.

These phones typically come with built-in wallets that allow users to securely store and manage their cryptocurrencies. In addition, it also allows users to access dApps and decentralized services directly from their devices.

Furthermore, Web3 smartphones also provide enhanced security features such as biometric authentication, secure enclaves, and tamper-proof hardware. These are designed to protect users’ private keys and sensitive information from hackers and other malicious actors.

Some popular examples of Web3 smartphones include the HTC Exodus, the Pundi XPhone, Vertu’s Metavertu, and the Solana Saga. These devices aim to offer a seamless and secure mobile experience for users who want to interact with the blockchain and access decentralized services on the go.

But did you know which smartphone company launched the first Web3 smartphone

Metavertu: The First True Web3 Smartphone

In October 2022, Metavertu made its debut as the world’s first Web3 smartphone. The web3 phone was developed by VERTU, a 25-year-old British luxury phone company. 

The phone is equipped with both Android and Web3 operating systems. Furthermore, the phone comes with a DApp store that serves as a platform for decentralized applications. It has the potential to mine and create NFTs as the first web3 phone, as well as the VERTU Concierge service, a unique feature of all VERTU phones.

The web3 phone’s entry-level variant has a carbon fiber exterior, 12GB RAM, and 512GB internal storage, and costs $3,600 (INR 2,91,600/-). The top-tier model features 18GB RAM and 1TB storage, as well as being covered in “Himalaya Alligator leather,” 18K gold, and diamonds. 

Metavertu Vs Solana Saga Smartphones

In addition, the Web3 smartphone comes with a 10-bit OLED display with a 144Hz refresh rate, and a flagship Snapdragon 8 GEN1 processor. Moreover, Metavertu’s “Metaspace” function allows you to go between web2 and web3 with a single click. And this space has been encrypted to keep hackers out. 

Furthermore, Metavertu splits Web3 and Dapps into layers in the Metaspace and employs a simple navigation system to help users locate what they are looking for. The web3 phone lets users experiment with blockchain technology, mining, NFT, and other features while maintaining adequate security and privacy.

However, Metavertu is not alone in the race of manufacturing Web3 Smartphones. Recent reports reveal that Solana Ecosystem is also releasing its first Web3 Smartphone, Solana Saga, in the coming months.

Solana Saga: An Affordable Web3 Smartphone

Solana Saga is a Web3 smartphone that was developed by OSOM in collaboration with Solana Mobile. The smartphone will allow individuals to quickly and securely trade tokens, mint NFTs, play on-chain games, and access DApp. SOL is known for its quick and scalable blockchain, making it an excellent platform for Web3 applications.

The Solana’s Web3 Smartphone comes with a 6.67’’ AMOLED display, 12GM RAM, 512GB internal storage, and the most powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. Furthermore, Saga pre-orders require a $100 non-refundable deposit, which will be added to the estimated final cost of $1,000 (INR 81,000/-).

Solana Saga Vs Metavertu

Apart from that, the Solana team is also providing a complimentary ticket to the Solana Mobile Stack Ecosystem. The team provides a “Solana Pass” to 10,000 people, including a limited-edition collection of NFTs. The NFTs will only be available to the first 10,000 customers who pre-order Saga. Solana Pass holders will also receive their phones first and will have early access to Saga rewards.

Other features of the Solana web3 phone include a dApp Store, the Seed Vault wallet, the Solana Mobile Stack dApps building toolkit and an Android build environment, Saga Pass, and many more.

Solana Saga’s imminent release is a big step forward in the development of Web3 smartphones. With Metavertu already establishing itself as an industry pioneer, it will be interesting to see how it introduces new updates to compete with Solana Saga.

Metavertu Vs Solana Saga: Which one rules the Web3 Community

Industry experts believe that the Vertu Web3 phone is far more secure than Solana Saga. Because of Vertu’s built-in A5 security chip, which comes with SE (Systems Engineering) + TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) technology. 

However, the price difference between the Vertu and Solana Saga is a source of contention. This difference makes Solana Saga the most affordable and cheapest Web3 smartphone with the utmost security features.

One thing is certain: the Web3 mobile ecosystem will grow significantly as prominent players such as VERTU and Solana race to capture the Web3 mobile market. 

Despite their infancy, web3 smartphones appear to be an ideal gateway to the realm of the decentralized internet.


As web3 smartphones enter the market, the present smartphone market will have to up their game. But, it will be difficult for Web3 phones to establish themselves straight away. 

Given that Web3 growth has been modest overall, and most of its components, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DAOs, have received regulatory scrutiny from around the world.

However, with roughly 5 billion people worldwide using smartphones Web3 phones have a chance of broad adoption. It will be interesting to watch what strategies web3 smartphone companies choose; will they go it alone or collaborate with existing smartphone companies? Do comment what are your thoughts on that note in the comment section below.

To know more about the Metavertu Vs Solana Saga Web3 Smartphone race, stay tuned to SunCrypto Academy.

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