Nike’s RTFKT COO’s NFT Got Stolen In Massive Hack

NFT-related hacking incidents are increasing widely these days, recently “RTFKT COO’s NFT Got Stolen in a massive hack” which is owned by top brand Nike.

The start of the year 2023 isn’t very happy for RTFKT’s COO, Nikhil Gopalani. Nikhil’s NFT wallet is quite empty after the recent phiser hack. Nike acquired the RTFKT and is known as a next-gen crypto brand since 2021.

This phishing attack happen on Monday where he lost all of the NFTs except one “a Death Row Records NFT of the “Clone X Theme Song” which is priced at $59. According to Etherscan, the remaining amount in the wallet is only $0.11 of ETH. 

Nike’s RTFKT COO’s NFT Got Stolen In Massive Hack

How COO’s NFT Got Stolen In Massive Hack?

The OpenSea data states that the attacker used two wallets and stole around $173,000 worth of NFTs from Gopalani’s wallet. And out of these two wallets, one is empty now whereas the other one still has many of the stolen NFTs. The data of stolen NFTs are: –

  • 19 CloneX NFTs worth over $138,000 combined
  • 18 RTKFT Space Pods (over $6,300 total)
  • 17 Loot Pods ($6,200)
  • 11 CryptoKicks ($3,000)
  • 19 RTFKT Animus Eggs ($20,200), and more.

This calculation is based on the floor price of the Gopalani’s former holdings. So some of these can be sold for much more such as the coveted Murakami CloneX, #17088. There’s no information about how this attack happened. 

The CTO of RTFKT, Samuel Cardillo gave a response on the situation where he mentioned that “Gopalani may have accidentally provided confidential information to a hacker who was posing as an Apple representative.” On being asked about the situation and how this happened by a person on Twitter, Cardillo said  

 “For legal purposes, we won’t be able to go in deeper details until further notice. All I can say is: be aware that companies such as Microsoft, Apple, … will never ask you for your password, your private key nor any other forms of private information via phone nor emails.”

The answer provided by Samuel wasn’t enough from the audience as some called “This sounds very corporate and a bit disappointing.” To this, he replied that “It has nothing to do with the corporation and everything to do with allowing a lawful agency to do an investigation properly.”

What Happened To The RTFKT  COO’s Stolen NFTs?


lyx.eth now owns Nikhil’s CloneX #17088 NFT along with owning two other NFTs of CloneX. The new NFT owner’s happiness is totally visible in their tweeter post but they didn’t that these were stolen it is stolen. The person mentioned that they were looking for this NFT for around over a half year now. 

RTFKT has already reached out to the new owner of NFT, lyx.eth but it is not certain what will happen. The person said that

“I’ve been talking with some people from RTFKT but I need to think about what to do,” Lyx told Decrypt. In addition, I’m not sure yet what will be my decision but definitely, I will be going to hold it for now.”

Final Thought

In 2022 we saw a lot of phishing attacks on NFTs and the DeFi system in June Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) lost ETH 200 worth of digital assets. And then by mid-July, another victim was NFT influencer Zeneca and NFT registration platform PREMINT. We just entered 2023 and we got the first victim of the year. The users should be careful about sharing any important details and clicking on unknown links and files.

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