Polygon Network Proposes Multipurpose Tokenization of MATIC

Polygon Network, a prominent Ethereum layer-2 development firm, has put forth a proposal to upgrade its native token, MATIC. The plan aims to convert MATIC into a multipurpose token capable of validating multiple chains. This proposal, which is currently awaiting approval from the Polygon community, would result in the token’s renaming to POL. 

The upgraded POL token aims to enhance scalability and interoperability across various Polygon protocols, including Polygon PoS, zkEVM, and Supernets. By aligning and incentivizing validators, the upgrade seeks to foster seamless interaction between protocols and facilitate the scaling of actors to support numerous Polygon chains while maintaining robust security.

Polygon Network: The Enhanced Utility of POL Token

If the proposal for MATIC’s technical upgrade is approved, the transformation into the POL token will bring about significant advancements in the scalability and interoperability of the Polygon ecosystem. The upgraded POL token aims to revolutionize the way validators participate in the network. This will offers them a wide range of opportunities and benefits.

Polygon Network's Protocol Layers

One of the key aspects of the upgraded POL token is its ability to align and incentivize validators to perform valuable work. Moreover, by introducing features like infinite scalability and eliminating friction between protocols, the redesigned protocol architecture will enable a seamless and efficient interaction between any two protocols within the Polygon ecosystem.

The POL token empowers validators to scale their participation and support thousands of Polygon chains without compromising the security of the network. Additionally, validators will be able to take on multiple roles on a single chain. Furthermore, it includes the generation of zero-knowledge proofs and active participation in data availability committees.

Potential Impact on Web3 Gaming and Real-Life Use Cases

Polygon co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, has expressed his belief that Web3 gaming will play a pivotal role. It will drive the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. He highlighted the significant funding, surpassing $2 billion, that Web3 games received in the past year. 

Nailwal emphasized the need for blockchain protocols and applications to progressively decentralize. As they gain increasing significance. This indicates the potential for blockchain technology to find applications beyond traditional trading and payments. With gaming emerging as a key sector for innovation and growth.


Polygon’s proposal to upgrade MATIC into a multipurpose token, POL, presents an opportunity to enhance the scalability and interoperability of the Polygon ecosystem. Moreover, if approved, the upgraded token will enable validators to perform various roles and validate multiple chains.

As Polygon continues to advance its protocol and achieve greater significance, Nailwal’s call for progressive decentralization reflects the industry’s growing understanding of the need for distributed governance and robust ecosystems. Furthermore, his call highlights the importance of creating sustainable and resilient networks.

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