Indian Central Bank Head Bashes Crypto After Latest Terra USD and LUNA Crash

The value of Terra USD and LUNA was on a fall-a-coaster. After losing their market value from $20 billion to $840 million after the crypto crash. Around $17.5 billion are lost by UST after the crash

According to the latest news, these are getting some of their value back. As stablecoin Terra USD (UST) has risen more than 10% to $0.07, while the crypto token Terra (Luna) has risen more than 56 percent to $0.00021 in the last few hours after dropping from its $1 value the other week.

On this sudden crash, the RBI governor Shaktikanta Das presented their thoughts about the negative fall seeing the crypto industry aware as many people as possible about the other aspect of the crypto market apart from making big money out of it.

RBI had always raised concerns that cryptos will undermine the monetary, financial, and macroeconomic stability of India. In fact, investors and the government had been warned against cryptocurrencies, which have now crashed immensely.

Some other hints were also passed by the RBI Governor about the interest hikes that can be seen after the momentary policy meeting which will take place in June.

How people are still keeping their faith in cryptocurrency

All around the world people were having high hopes about the Terra and LUNA and this recent crash was much more a lesson than a shock to people. Even after the losses faced by people, there are signs of positive remarks on it. As people understood that they can’t be solely investing their time or money on one single thing.

One investor named Suryakant opened up about his thoughts on this event “Event after this event I am sure that there is immense potential to earn a high return in this space, which I want to continue exploring”.

Someone else quoted that “We can’t be solely dependent on one cryptocurrency, there are so many options available. That’s why my money is divided accordingly. And I’m well aware of how much I should be investing and how much is enough to trade and not lose all of my income”.

What’s the revival plan

On Wednesday the founder of Terra USD shared his thoughts about the crash seen in the value of Terra USD and Luna. He stated that the value will be backed in reserves in the future by adjusting its complex pegging mechanism.

On Twitter, Do Kwon stated that the business would support a formal proposal from UST holders. To boost the system’s “minting capacity,” or ability to create new Luna coins. According to him, this measure “should help the system to absorb the UST more efficiently.” Do Kwon reassured investors in a tweet, stating, “Short-term stumbles do not determine what you can accomplish,” and describing the stablecoin’s demise as a “setback.”

The founder of Terra USD and Luna facing legal charges after the sudden crash of these stablecoins in South Korea

TerraUSD and its native token Luna were created by Do Kwon. A South Korean with a computer science degree from Stanford University. Following the collapse of TerraUSD and Terra, Kwon was sued in South Korea (Luna). Five South Korean crypto investors have filed formal charges against him and his Terraform co-founder Daniel Shin, accusing them of fraud and financial rules crimes.

TerraUSD sprang to prominence earlier this year after the Luna Foundation Guard. It is a charity linked with Terraform Labs, the crypto coin’s developers. Committed to collecting $10 billion in Bitcoin to support the currency’s dollar peg.

Meanwhile, the legal war is on the creator of Terra USD and LUNA, 100% surge is seen in the Terra Luna on the weekend. And according to the CoinMarkehiltCap it is maintaining that surge around 60% even on the Monday.


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