Ripple To Accelerate Web3 Development In Japan With New Partnership

Ripple is going to promote Btrax’s new service not only in Japan but all around the Asia – Pacific region. The partnership is going to be between Ripple and Btrax which is a design consulting service company and is based in San Francisco. This new partnership will work for improving the speeding process of Japan-based companies in their web3 business development. With this collaboration, a web3 design will be created that will be centered around the XRP Ledger. 

This was announced through the tweeter post of Emi Yoshikawa who is the VP of Corporate Strategy and Operations at Ripples on 1 September. 


In the tweet, she showed her excitement related to this project. And with more tweets mentioned that Ripple is in full support of the btrax to create this big change in Japan. An official statement from btrax has also been received where they mentioned that the establishment of Web3 lab has already been done and for this project, the position of Lab executive advisor will be filled by Takahito Iguchi who is the founder of Audio Metaverse.  Iguchi founded the startup Tonchidot which is in Tokyo based on augmented reality, also a voice streaming platform called Dabel was also introduced by him. 

Yoshikawa also talked about the meeting with the Fukuoka City mayor and his staff that happened on August 19 at Ripple’s headquarters. Web3 Design Lab says that they provide design services that aid in corporate transformation by utilizing growth sectors. Like XR, Metaverse, and NFTs from Silicon Valley and San Francisco, where the most cutting-edge information and technology are concentrated.

What is Ripple’s, XRP Ledger?

Ripple is a cryptocurrency that was released in the year 2012. It is known as a real-time gross settlement system and has gained huge popularity because of its work with financial services. XRP is a decentralized blockchain that is working with the mission of creating a world where the tokenized value can be exchanged as fast as information is.

It supports more than 1500 transactions per second and carries a transaction speed of 3-5 seconds. Also, the transaction fees of XRP are really low, even less than a penny. XRP is the first blockchain that is certifiably carbon neutral. 

Koshikawa also talked about the XRP Ledger 

“We anticipate that the XRP Ledger will eventually be used in a variety of Web3 use cases since it already has a number of features including token issuance, DEX, and smart contracts under development! The XRP Ledger stands out in particular since it is an enterprise-grade chain that has been operating reliably for 10 years”.

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