Solana Labs Unveils Powerful Tool for Ethereum Developers

Solana Labs, the pioneering and innovative group responsible for the development of the highly scalable and expeditious Solana blockchain network, has proudly unveiled its latest groundbreaking achievement: Solang. It’s a state-of-the-art development tool meticulously crafted to be fully compliant with Solidity, the widely acclaimed smart contract language native to Ethereum. 

By introducing this cutting-edge solution, Solana Labs has taken a major stride towards fostering an inclusive and collaborative ecosystem, effectively breaking down barriers and beckoning Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) developers to seamlessly explore and embrace the abundant opportunities within the dynamic world of Solana. 

The Quest for Solidity Harmony: Solana Labs and Ethereum Unite! 

The tech world is abuzz as Solana Labs takes a momentous leap towards bridging the divide between two titans: Solana and Ethereum. The advent of Solang heralds a harmonious convergence, allowing developers to craft Solidity-based smart contracts on the remarkable Solana network.


Traditionally, Solana’s programming landscape relied on languages like Rust or C for crafting smart contracts. But behold, Solang emerges as the beacon of versatility, captivating a wider spectrum of developers acquainted with Solidity.

Leveraging Solidity, the lifeblood of Ethereum, Solana extends a warm invitation to Ethereum developers, enticing them to explore its high-performance blockchain, teeming with unparalleled scalability. 

Multi-Language Wonder: A Paradigm Shift for Solana 

But that’s not all! Solana’s allure lies not only in Solidity compatibility but also in its multilingual charm. With a plethora of programming languages at their disposal, developers flock to Solana like bees to honey, sparking a wildfire of innovation and growth within the ecosystem.

Last year, the ground-breaking Seahorse opened doors to writing Solana smart contracts in Python – the world’s most beloved programming language. And now, Solang emerges on the stage, poised to expand the horizons of the Solana ecosystem even further.

Exhilarating Solang Features to Ignite Your Imagination 

Hold onto your hats as we unveil the mind-blowing capabilities of Solang! Brace yourself for the power to call other Solana smart contracts directly from your Solidity code. Yes, you heard that right – seamless integration and interoperability at its finest! 

But that’s not all; Solang effortlessly accommodates Solana SPL (Solana Program Library) tokens. Step into a world where developers create and interact with these native Solana tokens through their Solidity-based smart contracts.

Apart from that, Solang and Anchor also join forces, forming an unstoppable duo. Anchor, a formidable framework for Solana smart contracts, empowers developers with high-level abstractions and top-notch tools for contract development.


With Solang’s incredible capabilities, the Solana ecosystem is destined for a golden era of growth and innovation. Developers wield an arsenal of flexibility, propelling the birth of extraordinary decentralized applications and groundbreaking services.

In this era of technological marvels, Solana and Solang stand tall as the pioneers of the blockchain revolution, inviting Ethereum developers to join hands in crafting a future that knows no bounds. So buckle up and witness history in the making as these two giants merge into a symphony of limitless possibilities!

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