SONY Filed a Patent For Tracking In-Game Digital Asset

Recently so many companies have filed patents including the SONY for crypto-related things. Earlier we heard of VISA, PayPal, Western Union also filed the patent as well. 

According to the documents revealed by the company, the information of the patent filed b the company for tracking digital assets in video games using blockchain technology, in particular NFTs.

The company applied for the patent in 2021 but the information about this was disclosed on 10 November 2022. SONY  is a Japanese multinational company that is famous for its products related to technology like PlayStation gaming consoles. 

On this, the company said, “In traditional video games, there is no way to differentiate a specific instance of an in-game item that a famous player of the video game used to win a famous tournament from any other instance of the in-game item.”

According to the application.

“Sony intends to employ a distributed ledger, or blockchain, to store digital media assets, gameplay, and video clips and to include a special token for the digital item with a special identifier and metadata that would identify the attributes of the digital asset,” 

One of the main concepts underlying NFTs is described in the patent filed by Sony. In it outlines technology that might trace an in-game item’s history as it is transferred from player to player.

According to Sony’s claim in the patent, “there is no way to differentiate a specific instance of an in-game item that a famous player of the video game used to win a famous tournament from any other instance of the in-game item.”

The company further explains that a request can be placed to update the history and make changes to a digital asset’s attributes, such as ownership, visual appearance, or metadata.

“A new block can be created and added to the distributed ledger to record changes to the digital asset’s history.”

SONY’s interest in digital technology

Sony’s interest in NFTs is not new, as seen by this patent. SONY has previously abs collaborated with Theta Labs to release a line of 3D NFTs in May 2022 to launch 3D NFT (Non-Fungible Token) asset.

These NFTs are made specifically for the Sony Spatial Reality Display and provide a three-dimensional viewing interface. There were some signs of creating two-dimensional versions as well. 

The NFTs were developed for the Sony Spatial Reality Display (SRD), a tablet that uses 3D improvements and augmented reality. A video showcasing the SRD gadget and the technologies the tablet uses was posted on Sony’s official YouTube page.

The video description says “Our legacies of cutting-edge visual and spatial realities combine in an incredible 3D optical experience where detailed texture, high contrast, and luminous brightness come together to create a portal to another world.”

Nick Colsey, Sony’s VP of business development, thinks NFTs will improve the experience, and SRD plans to include NFTs and metaverse concepts in the device’s services.

Colsey said in a statement that immersive, three-dimensional NFTs are a terrific way to show off the possibilities of Sony’s Spatial Reality Display for metaverse fans and collectors.

At EVO 2022, SONY PlayStation already dipped its toe into the NFT realm. PlayStation asked players in a player survey what kinds of NFTs they would be interested in purchasing.

NFTs based on Evo, musicians, esports, PlayStation goods, and beloved video game characters were on the list of potential responses.

A type of digital collectible is included in Sony’s new PlayStation Stars rewards program. But the corporation insisted that the awards are “absolutely not NFTs” because “you can’t trade them or sell them.” 

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