Starbucks Introduces The Polygon NFTs Loyalty Program

Starbucks has found a new way of putting 2 of the most popular things among this generation i.e Coffee and NFT as they have launched their official NFT rewards royalty program called “Starbucks Odyssey”.

This new royalty program will be a combination of its existing reward programs and the Polygon platform. Where Starbucks fans can buy NFTs and collectible digital stamps. Additionally, earn rewards in return which can also be bought directly from the app. 

Participants in the Starbucks Odyssey can sign in using their loyalty program credentials. They are able to take part in interactive activities known as journeys and collect NFTs known as Journey stamps. The users will be able to directly buy these NFTs through debits and credit cards, a crypto wallet won’t be required for this.

 The company is aware of this that decreasing the entry barrier will make it simpler for customers to interact with the web3 experience. Additionally, it will offer bundled pricing rather than adding extra expenses, like “gas fees,” to consumer transactions. For now, there are details revealed by the Starbucks team about the number of NFTs to be released and what their prices will be. 

This will be available for the public by the end of this year but applying for the waiting list has already started. The company also stated that their NFT community would run on an ecologically friendly platform that was either multichain or chain agnostic.

Starbucks executive vice president said 

For the first time, we are establishing connections between members of our Starbucks Rewards loyalty program to each other and not just to Starbucks. With this Web3 technology, our members will have access to experiences and ownership that weren’t previously feasible before.  Starbucks Odyssey will go beyond the traditional rewards as the members of our Starbucks Rewards program have grown to appreciate and unlock digital, physical, and immersive Starbucks advantages.” 

The people who will participate in these programs can earn NFT stamps, which have their own specified point value. Moreover, it can also be purchased, by participating in games or other coffee-related activities at Starbucks.

Starbucks enlisted Adam Brotman. The creator of its Mobile Order & Pay system and the Starbucks app, to work as a special advisor on the project. However, together with the marketing, loyalty, and technology teams from the Seattle coffee giant, Brotman’s team worked on Starbucks Odyssey. And is now a co-founder of Forum3, a web3 loyalty firm.

Brady Brewer, CMO of Starbucks, spoke to TechCrunch. According to him, the business intended to make an investment in this sector. But not as a “stunt” side project like many other businesses do. Instead, it sought a strategy for enhancing its operations and growing its current loyalty program.

Polygon becoming the first choice for NFTs

Many web2 businesses aiming to transition towards the web3 are increasingly selecting Polygon Network as their preferred partner. Coca-Cola, Liverpool Football Club, and numerous other brands have introduced NFT lines on the layer-2 network just this year.

A number of technology firms, including Adobe and Meta, have integrated support for Polygon. One of the networks that are supported for NFTs on Facebook and Instagram is Polygon, and Adobe has integrated the network into Behance, its portfolio software. 

In collaboration with Starbucks, the co-founder of Polygon said 

“Polygon has the right launchpad for Starbucks’ entry into Web3 as a major infrastructure provider enabling people and technology to cooperate and exchange value worldwide and freely.”

With so much involvement and need of Polygon, the company is also focusing on increasing the workforce by 40%. Therefore, they will be hiring more than 200 managers, engineers, and web3 developers. 

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