Suncrypto x Ledger | User’s Fund Secure & Insured by LEDGER

We are happy to inform our users and readers that Ledger has joined forces with us and has officially become our custodian. Suncrypto is one of the safest Indian cryptocurrency exchanges. And Ledger will make us even more secure because of Ledger protection, which insures that the users’ assets are entirely safe and secure with us.

For Suncrypto the security of users’ assets, cryptocurrencies, and personal information are given the utmost priority. It is always maintained that the security protocols are up to date and impermeable to any external threat.  Our staff is working continuously to assess and improve the security precautions. To maintain top-notch security, we deploy geographically dispersed cold wallets, DDoS defense, recurring stress testing procedures, and multi-signature authentications.

The security of user funds on our exchange has been increased by the Ledger association. The money, including users’ cryptocurrencies stored on MultiSignature cold wallets and Suncryptos cold wallets, will be secured by a Ledger up to $150 MILLION USD insurance coverage offered by Ledger. This guarantees complete security for users’ money, making Suncrypto the most secure cryptocurrency exchange in India. Beginning on July 10, 2022, assets will start to be transferred to Ledger wallets.

What is Ledger insurance?

Founded on verified trust among its people, technology, and software, Ledger is a unique digital security ecosystem that offers safety. And in the modern world, trust demands evidence, so Ledger offers openness about how its technology operates.

World-class professionals with broad backgrounds in the security and smartcard industries make up the Ledger Donjon team. They continually scan their providers’ and Ledger products for security flaws in an effort to assess and enhance the security.

The biggest cryptocurrency exchanges and numerous institutional investors from more than 200 different countries are among Ledger’s clientele. In 2014, when there were just a few exchanges and most of the world hadn’t even heard of Bitcoin, one of Ledger’s most significant technologies was the development and invention of multi-signature security.

And for its users, Suncrypto has joined hands with Ledger to support the security standards set by Suncrypto and this will increase the security level and will prove to our users how their information, crypto assets, and cryptocurrency is safe with us.

What does Suncrypto offer you for security?

Suncrypto has implemented the following techniques to ensure best practices in the market as we remain committed to adopting the greatest security measures to protect customer data and payments.

  1. Cold Wallets: – Cold wallets with several signatures that are geographically dispersed are where we keep our money. No one individual can access more than one wallet at once, and no one person can withdraw money from any wallet by themselves.
  2. Regular Stress Testing – To reduce any attack vector onto our platform, we perform regular stress, scenario, and penetration tests. If problems are discovered, our knowledgeable team works to find solutions while regularly monitoring the capacity of our systems to sustain the load and detect attacks.
  3. Complete Fund Safety: – On Suncrypto, multi-signature cold wallets are where 80% of all funds are held. To constantly enable immediate withdrawals, we maintain full reserves.
  4. Account vetting – To maintain the security of funds on the site, our security team examines significant withdrawals and performs several account reconciliations every minute.

Suncrypto assures its users of security but there are a few things that you can also take care of as a user to be safe from scams or threats. Keep in mind the following things: –

  • Only official sources should be used to install applications (for example Google Play Store and App Store). Installing software from an unknown sender is dangerous.
  • Update your software and hardware with the most recent security fixes.
  • Leave no trace of your device. Do not connect your device to any unsafe accessories.
  • When using Suncrypto, avoid using free WiFi.
  • Create a bookmark for the website and use it to access the platform.
  • To create a secure network connection, use VPN software.
  • Adopt sound security procedures, such as connecting to HTTPS websites. Before entering your credentials, verify the platform’s URL in the address box.
  • When utilizing a device that doesn’t belong to you, delete any browsing session data.
  • The support channel at Support is the sole way to get in touch with Suncrypto.
  • If you have more than $1,000 in your account, We would advise you to get a secure VPN connection and password management.

For more related information and news look for Suncrypto Academy.


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