5 Factors That Can Push Bitcoin Price To $100,000 in 2024

Bitcoin Price is currently trading above the $43,000 threshold for the first time in the last 2-years.

Tangible Solutions for Real-world Issues Pushes Bitcoin Price

Cryptocurrency platforms are addressing genuine inefficiencies in traditional sectors such as finance, trade, and beyond.

Adoption by Enterprises

Banks, corporations, governments, and institutions are increasingly inclined to explore blockchain potential and crypto functionalities.

Emphasis on Utility Over Hype

Cryptocurrencies are shifting focus from hype-driven models to utility-centered economic structures. The market is maturing, steering away from overhyped memecoins.

Diverse Growth Across Categories: NFTs, RWA, DeFi, and AI

While Bitcoin holds the largest market share, numerous cryptocurrencies are experiencing real-world adoption.

Evolving Regulations Pushing Bitcoin Price Higher

Notable shifts include Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s warming attitudes toward crypto, El Salvador’s initiative to become the first Bitcoin-led economy.

Bitcoin Price Current Outlook

Currently, the Bitcoin price is experiencing a short bear run, dropping below the $44,000 threshold, dropping more than 0.70% in the last 24 hours.


The impending bull run in the crypto market will be driven by utility-focused projects delivering tangible products and services.