What Are Bitcoin SRC-20 Token Standard?

Cryptocurrency is constantly developing, and SRC-20 tokens are the latest buzz in the Bitcoin industry.

Impact of SRC-20 Token Standard on Bitcoin

The SRC-20 token standard was developed specifically to generate and oversee tokens, notably Bitcoin Stamps, within Bitcoin’s blockchain.

What Are Bitcoin Stamps?

Bitcoin Stamps, identified as SRC-20 tokens, represent a variant of NFTs integrated with the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Bitcoin Stamps Vs Bitcoin Ordinals

Bitcoin Stamps and Bitcoin Ordinals present two distinctive methods for embedding information within the blockchain, each offering unique  functionalities.

Technical Specifications of SRC-20 Tokens?

SRC-20 tokens operate using the Bitcoin Stamps protocol, a departure from the previously utilized Counterparty protocol.

What Lies Ahead for SRC-20 Tokens?

The Bitcoin community is engaged in a lively discussion about the future of Bitcoin and its relationship with SRC-20 tokens.


The SRC-20 standard, tailored for Bitcoin Stamps, distinguishes itself with distinctive data embedding methods, diverging from the BRC-20 standard.