Let’s take a quick look at the article to know about this issue The Terra Network has 3 coins: UST, LUNA and ANC. The ecosystem has adopted UST as a stable coin, leading to the interlinking of LUNA and UST. The issue started when Terra’s algorithmic-based Stable coins TerraUSD (UST) started falling. This led to large-scale selloffs. of the LUNA tokens due to the algorithmic stable coins reported. On the other hand, Anchor is a lending protocol on the Terra network, which pays out a yield of up to 20% to UST depositors through yield reserves. The ANC price crashed due to the loss of confidence in UST and the Terra ecosystem as a whole, as a result of the UST de-pegging. Why does Sun Crypto stop trading Luna? May top exchange of the world is suspended Luna trading pairs. A lot of Luna supply increased these days and investors continue to suffer huge losses. Due to the high volatility of Luna trading pairs, the exchange has delisted Luna trading pairs. In addition, SunCrypto has suspended the trading pair LUNA / INR, and the liquidity provider exchange has also suspended Luna trading, so we are facing the problem of gaining the liquidity of the Luna-provided pair. .. As a result, Sun Crypto has temporarily suspended the LUNA / INR trading pair. Can LUNA / INR trading be started on Sun Crypto? Yes, when the liquidity provider exchange initiates Luna trading, LUNA / INR trading will also resume. Is my money safe with Sun Crypto? Yes your fund is safe with SunCrypto. You can access your fund (LUNA) in your portfolio section. You are able to see your fund quantity in portfolio section in Suncrypto App. Why Luna fund value are not showing in portfolio? Dear users we suspended trading of Luna so luna price can not accessible form our liquidity provider exchange. When trading will be start your fund value shown in app.