Bitcoin Price: Can Low Volatility Ignites Trader Confidence?

In a backdrop of decreased volatility, the price of Bitcoin experiences a downfall. However, the increasing Open Interest and optimistic sentiment suggest the possibility of trader positivity.


Bitcoin Price hasn’t shied away from the recent volatility in the cryptocurrency market. The previously unstoppable flagship cryptocurrency experienced a decline below $30,000 (₹24.6 Lakh), leading to speculation and a predominantly pessimistic mood. Although institutional participants have shown interest in Bitcoin’s future, doubt continued to obscure the broader perspective.

Bitcoin Price: The Quiet Preceding the Storm? 

Amidst a drop in Bitcoin Price, a decrease in its usual wild price swings was observed. The cryptocurrency, renowned for its rapid and unpredictable price changes, went through a phase of lowered volatility, causing effects throughout the trading scene. 

Bitcoin Price Annualized Realized Volatility Source: Glassnode

This decrease in price fluctuations led many traders and investors to question whether a more consistent Bitcoin could inspire renewed positivity. 

Contributing to this storyline was the increasing Open Interest in Bitcoin price, a result of the diminished volatility. Importantly, traders aimed to benefit from price shifts that, while calmer, still offered chances for profit. This pattern indicated a readiness among those involved in the market to explore possibilities in a comparably steady environment. 

BTC Options Open Interest

Source: Coinglass

Committed to the Long Term

Simultaneously, there has been an increase in the supply held by those who have held onto Bitcoin for an extended period. This change in behavior among long-term holders might reflect their confidence in the cryptocurrency’s capacity for recovery and expansion. 

The growing amount of Bitcoin held by long-term investors could play a role in mitigating the urge to sell during price fluctuations, thereby fostering a more steady market setting. 

Bitcoin Long/Short-Term Holders

Source: Glassnode

Nevertheless, there was no upturn in Bitcoin price. As per CoinMarketCap data, the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Price, was valued at $29,262 (₹24,21,960) at the time of reporting, a substantial decrease from its previous peaks. Additionally, Bitcoin’s velocity, a measure of how quickly the asset is traded, witnessed a decline. 

Weighted sentiment, an assessment of public sentiment drawn from social media, also experienced an upswing. The surge in positive sentiment, coupled with a decrease in negative remarks, might suggest that despite the recent setback, optimism is gradually returning to the Bitcoin community.

Analysis of Bitcoin’s Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio demonstrated a negative trajectory at the moment of writing. This ratio, comparing Bitcoin price to its average realized value, implied that the currency could be slightly undervalued at the present time. 

Bitcoin Analysis

Source: Santiment

Lastly, a more detailed examination of Bitcoin miners yields further insights. Miner earnings have been on a downward trajectory, indicating a possible increase in selling pressure from miners. This trend could be attributed to several factors, including the decline in price and the necessity for miners to cover operational costs.


As Bitcoin’s price grapples with decreased volatility, it has endured a decline, inviting speculation and prevailing negative sentiment. Nevertheless, escalating Open Interest and an uptick in optimistic outlooks suggest the possibility of reviving trader confidence. 

Furthermore, the growing supply in the hands of committed long-term holders might contribute to a steadier market environment. As a result, despite price setbacks and declining miner earnings, the swell in positive sentiment and an underlined MVRV ratio indicate the gradual return of optimism within the Bitcoin community.

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