How To Find Next x100 Profit Giving Trending Memecoins?

Don't miss out on new meme coins in 2024! Find them early using our detailed research findings.

The world of cryptocurrency has experienced a revitalization thanks to the sudden rise in popularity of trending memecoins, defying conventional market predictions. Notable meme coins like DOGE & SHIB have seen remarkable growth, shining a light on their potential for substantial returns. But for many enthusiasts, the question remains: How can one identify meme coins in their early stages?

This extensive blog will equip you with the essential methods and strategies to spot the next trending memecoins ahead of time, opening the door to potentially profitable investment prospects.

Trending Memecoins Phenomenon

The meme coin craze is closely linked to internet culture, incorporating well-known memes for both branding and fostering communities. In contrast to traditional cryptocurrencies, meme coins frequently lack a tangible purpose and instead rely on the ebbs and flows of social media trends and community enthusiasm. 

Trending Memecoins

These coins exhibit extreme volatility, with their value capable of rapidly surging or plummeting within hours. As a result, this high-stakes, high-reward dynamic entices investors who are eager to seize the rapid gains that meme coins can deliver.

Importance of Discovering Trending Memecoins Early

Finding trending memecoins in their early stages is essential for maximizing the potential for profit. When these coins start to gain popularity, their value tends to rise significantly, sometimes even exponentially. Those who invest early can enjoy the advantages of this surge, potentially increasing their initial investment manifold.

In addition to financial benefits, early detection of meme coins also allows investors to become part of a thriving community. This presents opportunities for networking and obtaining valuable insights from like-minded enthusiasts.

Four Ways to Find Trending Memcoins Early

Here is a detailed guide to discovering trending memecoins in their early stages. Please take a look at the following steps:

▪️ Engaging in Online Crypto Communities: Online crypto communities serve as fertile grounds for identifying emerging meme coins. Platforms like Reddit, Discord, and Telegram host numerous cryptocurrency forums where enthusiasts discuss new projects, market trends, and investment strategies. Active participation in these communities can offer early insights into promising meme coins on the verge of gaining popularity.

▪️ Tracking Social Media Trends: Social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit play a crucial role in the meme coin ecosystem. Many meme coins gain popularity through viral social media trends, making these platforms invaluable for uncovering up-and-coming meme coins. Regularly following trending hashtags related to cryptocurrencies can provide valuable insights into meme coins that are gaining momentum.

▪️ Exploring High-Potential Presales: Crypto presales or ICOs are fundraising events for launching new cryptocurrencies. Participating in presales of meme coins can grant early access to these digital assets, often at favorable prices. 

However, this strategy comes with high risks, as many presale projects may fail to take off or could potentially be scams. Thoroughly researching the presale project, its team, and its roadmap is crucial before making an investment.

▪️ Utilizing Crypto Market Aggregators: Crypto market aggregators like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and CoinCodex provide comprehensive overviews of the crypto market, including trending cryptocurrencies, market capitalizations, and trading volumes. These platforms are essential for identifying meme coins that are gaining traction in the market. 

Exploration of Tools for Memecoin Analysis

To identify trending memecoins in their early stages and evaluate their potential, you may need to utilize certain resources. Here are some options:

▪️ Etherscan: Etherscan serves as a blockchain explorer offering an in-depth overview of the Ethereum blockchain. Investors can employ Etherscan to monitor the activities of top meme coin holders, inspect the number of wallets holding a specific meme coin, and keep tabs on meme coin project developments.


▪️ DEXTools: DEXTools delivers real-time market data from decentralized exchanges (DEXs), providing insights into cryptocurrency price fluctuations, trading volumes, and liquidity. It also assigns a DEXT score to each project, indicating the project’s smart contract security. 


▪️ DeBank: DeBank functions as a decentralized finance (DeFi) portfolio tracker, enabling investors to track token holdings and transactions associated with specific blockchain addresses. By following the activities of successful traders, investors can glean valuable insights into meme coins with investment potential.

▪️ Dune Analytics: Dune Analytics is a platform that empowers users to query on-chain data and present it visually, enhancing comprehension of a meme coin’s market performance. Users have the flexibility to create personalized dashboards to monitor specific metrics of their choosing. 

Additional Tips

Here are some extra pointers to assist you in identifying meme coins in their early stages:

▪️ Seek meme coins with robust communities: Meme coins thrive on community enthusiasm, so it’s vital to seek out coins with active and passionate communities. You can gauge the community’s strength by examining their social media presence, Telegram group activity, and Discord server engagement.

▪️ Conduct your own research: Before making any investments in meme coins, it’s crucial to conduct your own research. This involves scrutinizing the coin’s whitepaper, assessing its team, and comprehending its underlying technology.

▪️ Target meme coins with a modest market capitalization: Meme coins with a lower market capitalization have a greater potential for rapid growth.

▪️ Identify meme coins with a distinctive selling point (USP): A USP is what sets a meme coin apart from others in the same category. For instance, some meme coins offer unique features like an integrated decentralized exchange (DEX) or a play-to-earn game.

Memecoin Potential Assessment

When assessing the potential of meme coins, it’s essential for investors to consider factors like the coin’s community support, the credibility of the development team, market capitalization, trading volume, and any special features or practical use cases.

Furthermore, it’s of utmost importance to implement risk management strategies and perform comprehensive research before investing in any trending memecoins. This is especially crucial due to the inherently high-risk nature of these digital assets.


Meme coins have developed as a vibrant part of the cryptocurrency market, possibly promising significant returns to astute investors. Investors can find trending memecoins early by harnessing social media trends, connecting with online groups, participating in presales, and using crypto market aggregators and analytic tools.

However, it is critical to perform extensive research and practice risk management when investing in these unpredictable digital assets. By doing so, the hunt for the next big meme currency can be both interesting and profitable.

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