Mastercard Partnered With Polygon For Web3 Music Accelerator Program

Mastercard is continuously exploring future tech. Recently Mastercard Partnered With Polygon For Web3 Music Accelerator Program

Mastercard has come forward with another web3-related business where they are launching an Artist Accelerator program. This program is a spotlight program for emerging music artists who to get into the world of the metaverse with this. The program is supposed to happen in the spring of 2023 and will be working with 5 music artists. The details about this program were shared by Mastercard on 7 January through a blog post

According to the blog post, 

“The artists will gain exclusive access to special events, music releases, and more. A first-of-its-kind curriculum will teach the artists how to build (and own) their brand through Web3 experiences like minting NFTs, representing themselves in virtual worlds, and establishing an engaged community.”

Mastercard Partnered With Polygon For Web3 Music

Mastercard Partnered With Polygon For Web3 Music After Successful business in Music Industry

Mastercard entered into the music industry long back and is actively participating in sponsoring GRAMMY Awards, Latin GRAMMY Awards, and BRIT Awards, etc. The company even released its debut album, “Priceless,” in June of last year.   The Mastercard Artist Accelerator will provide upcoming musicians with the skills and resources they need to succeed in this tech-driven era as the brand has a history in the music industry and its expertise in creating strong networks in the digital economy.

Mastercard sponsoring GRAMMY's

Maggie Crowe, Director of Events & Charities at the BPI  (represents the UK’s recorded music industry) says

“The BRIT Awards celebrates 25 years with Mastercard and in turn that support helps fund the free education offered at the BRIT School in London. This unique partnership with Mastercard has helped to inspire the next generation of musicians, develop and mentor talent, and curate opportunities to showcase their creativity to wider audiences and the professional music industry. Mastercard’s Artist Accelerator is a natural extension of this work and will offer musicians the means to develop their skills and connect with fans on new digital platforms, using Web3 technologies.”

What’s In There For Music Artists?

CEO of Polygon Studios, Ryan Wyatt said: – 

“Web3 has the potential to empower a new type of artist that can grow a fanbase, make a living, and introduce novel mediums for self-expression and connection on their own terms.”

He further discussed the Mastercard Music Accelerator as “The Mastercard Artist Accelerator not only shows the power of brands embracing this new space, it provides tools that can educate consumers on how to participate. This is an important step forward in opening up the benefits of Web3 to more people.”

Mastercard will be introducing music artists from all around the world with talented mentors and their fanbases where they can learn as well as earn in the web3 world. At the end of 2023, there will be a live-streamed artist showcase. The selected 5 artists can be anything like musicians, DJs, and producers and will gain access to special events such as music events, releases, etc. 

The artists will learn about building their own brand through web3 which includes minting NFTs, representing themselves in the VR, and creating their engaging community. There will be a Mastercard music pass (Limited Edition NFT) to give access to the music artists’ Web3 x Music educational materials. Mastercard Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Raja Rajamannar said “With the Mastercard Artist Accelerator, we are expanding access and driving connections further with cutting-edge Web3 technology.”

Raja further added that 

“Our vision is to bridge passion and purpose, spotlighting amazing emerging artists and creating an interactive community that allows participants to learn, experiment, and grow together.”

Final Thought

The progress seen in the metaverse, and NFTs is much more than in the crypto field. Almost all of the top brands have entered this field either to expand their services or to market their business. Metaverse is one of the very first brands to do so and is continuously making progress. This announcement of Mastercard Partnered With Polygon For Web3 Music is an exciting opportunity for the music artists out there.

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