Polygon Network Launches its 2.0 Version

Since its inception, the Polygon Network has been on a breathtaking journey that has left the crypto community in awe. What began as an ambitious endeavor in 2017 has grown into a revolutionary force. Altering the fundamental meaning of blockchain technology. Polygon has pushed limits, overcome obstacles, and charted a course for remarkable growth over the years. 

Polygon has proven its mettle with each passing milestone, gaining the hearts and minds of both investors and enthusiasts. The Polygon team has established a healthy ecosystem via their relentless efforts and unshakable dedication. The project draws numerous renowned firms who have recognized the great potential that lies inside this detrimental network. 

It is with great anticipation that the crypto world awaits the grand unveiling of Polygon’s highly anticipated 2.0 version. In a recent tweet that sent shockwaves across the industry, Polygon tantalizingly hinted at the imminent release of the blueprint for this groundbreaking update. As the weeks go by, the crypto community grows increasingly excited since the official release of Polygon 2.0 approaches.

Polygon Network Unleashes 2.0 Upgrade

On June 12, Polygon Labs unveiled “Polygon 2.0,” a series of enhancements aimed at establishing the internet’s “Value Layer.” As per the company’s announcement, users will have the ability to generate, exchange, and program value through these upgrades. 

In a Twitter announcement, Polygon 2.0 was described as a comprehensive transformation of almost every aspect of Polygon. From protocol architecture to tokenomics and governance, the upgrades envision Polygon as the Value Layer, offering limitless scalability and unified liquidity using ZK (zero-knowledge) technology. 

Polygon 2.0

Polygon 2.0 aims to create an interconnected chain network powered by ZK technology, which enables one party, known as the prover, to prove the validity of a statement to another party, the verifier, without revealing any additional information beyond the statement’s validity. 

According to Polygon Labs, “this network can accommodate an extensive number of chains, facilitating secure and instant cross-chain interactions without additional security or trust assumptions. It promises unlimited scalability and unified liquidity.”

At its core, Polygon 2.0 will unify protocols to enable seamless utilization across zk-Ethereum Virtual Machine tech, proof-of-stake, and supernets. This integration will create a user experience akin to interacting with a single chain, as mentioned by Polygon Labs president Ryan Wyatt on Twitter. 

Polygon 2.0’s Impact on MATIC Price

The SEC recently accused Coinbase and Binance of violating securities laws, claiming that several cryptocurrencies, including Polygon (MATIC), should be classified as securities. Consequently, the prices of numerous cryptocurrencies, including MATIC, experienced a significant decline, with MATIC plummeting by a total of 43%. 

Although there has been a slight recovery, its current value remains 28% lower than its price prior to the lawsuits. Currently, the price of MATIC is trading at the price range of ₹53.54, which increased by more than 3% in the last 24 hours.


In the meantime, Robinhood, a US financial services company, declared its intention to remove MATIC, ADA, and SOL from its trading platform. However, Polygon’s team has demonstrated resilience and optimism through the announcement of Polygon 2.0, offering a glimmer of hope to the community and indicating their determination to persist.


Polygon Network’s journey has been remarkable, capturing the attention of the crypto community. The highly anticipated Polygon 2.0 upgrade, unveiled by Polygon Labs, envisions a future where value can be generated, exchanged, and programmed seamlessly. 

Powered by ZK technology, Polygon aims to create an interconnected chain network with limitless scalability and unified liquidity. Despite recent challenges, including a decline in MATIC price and removal from Robinhood, Polygon’s team remains determined and optimistic, signaling their unwavering commitment to innovation and growth.

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