TAO Token Jumps 400%  | What’s Next?

Bittensor (TAO) is an open-source system that builds a decentralized machine-learning network using blockchain technology. 

The commitment to transparency and efficiency inherent in blockchain technology has formed a strong partnership with artificial intelligence (AI). This led to the emergence of pioneering initiatives like Bittensor (TAO), a protocol centered on advancing machine learning models.

TAO Token, an AI-centric cryptocurrency that bills itself as a “peer-to-peer intelligence market,” is making ripples in the altcoin market. The enthusiasm surrounding AI cryptocurrency caused its price to nearly quadruple in less than 30 days.

TAO Token: What is Bittensor?

Bittensor is changing the landscape of machine learning platform development by decentralizing the process and crafting a peer-to-peer market for machine intelligence. This system amalgamates the collective intelligence of AI models, forming a digital hive mind. 

Such decentralization facilitates swift knowledge expansion, akin to an ever-growing, unstoppable library. Bittensor, by leveraging distributed networks and encouraging collaboration, is propelling innovation and expanding the horizons of machine learning.

TAO Token website

The Bittensor protocol establishes a marketplace where machine intelligence becomes a tradable asset. This open and inclusive network nurtures innovation within a diverse global developer community.

Talking about its native token, TAO possesses inherent worth in the Bittensor ecosystem as a representation of intelligence and knowledge. Each TAO token symbolizes developers’ contributions and their models’ caliber. Its value surpasses that of a mere currency; it embodies the collective intelligence and insights within the network.

Working Mechanism of TAO Token

Bittensor is a global group effort that brings together brilliant minds from around the world to improve artificial intelligence in remarkable ways. It accomplishes this by constructing a global network that anyone can join because it is open-source. Here’s a rundown of how the Bittensor Protocol works: 

▪️ Network Structure: The Bittensor network operates through a set of nodes, known as miners, engaging in the protocol. Each node executes a Bittensor client software, enabling interaction with other nodes within the network.

▪️ Enrollment: The Bittensor Protocol operates via an enrollment process involving the registration of a hotkey. To engage in the Bittensor network and mine Tao tokens, users must register a hotkey by either solving a proof of work (POW) or utilizing the recycle_register method, requiring a fee.

▪️ Subtensor: Following enrollment, a node becomes part of a subnet, representing a distinct domain or topic within the Bittensor network. Every subnet possesses its roster of registered nodes and associated machine-learning models.

▪️ Validation: Validators hold a pivotal role in the Bittensor network, scrutinizing responses and predictions from miners. They ensure the integrity and quality of exchanged data and models. Validators query miners, assessing responses to gauge accuracy and reliability.

Acting as vital intermediaries, validators serve as access points to the Bittensor network, enabling interaction and furnishing an interface for users and applications.

▪️ Mining: Miners in the Bittensor network furnish machine learning services by hosting and providing locally stored machine learning models. When a client application needs a prediction, it dispatches a request to the Bittensor network, which directs it to a miner offering the required service. 

The miner processes the request with its local machine-learning model and returns the prediction via the Bittensor network to the client.

▪️ Consensus: The Bittensor network implements consensus algorithms to determine network states and safeguard data integrity. Consensus mechanisms prevent double-spending, ensuring data consistency and bolstering network security.

▪️ Incentives: The Bittensor network encourages engagement and contributions via a token-based economy. Miners and validators receive tokens for computational resources, accurate predictions, and valuable contributions. These incentives foster active participation, enhancing network stability and efficiency.

An exceptional attribute of the Bittensor protocol is its incentivization system, which rewards users for contributing valuable data or computational resources with TAO tokens.

About TAO Token

Bittensor operates with its native token named TAO, serving various purposes like governance, staking, and acting as a payment method for accessing AI services and applications within the Bittensor TAO network. 

Users contributing valuable data or computational resources to the network are rewarded with TAO tokens, with the blockchain being updated every 12 seconds to distribute newly minted tokens. TAO tokens play pivotal roles within the Bittensor network:

▪️ Governance: TAO tokens enable voting on network proposals and changes.

▪️ Staking: TAO tokens are staked for participating in the consensus mechanism and earning rewards.

▪️ Payment: TAO tokens serve as the currency for utilizing AI services and apps in the Bittensor TAO network.

Bittensor (TAO) Price Outlook

TAO token made its trading debut in the international market in March 2023. Since then, the token has shown a magnificent profit of more than 2,03,600%, becoming one of the leading performers of 2023. At present, according to CoinMarketCap, the token is trading at a price of ₹21,850.99, increasing by over 400% in the past month.

TAO live chart

Meanwhile, the token is currently making its new all-time high, facing no resistance in the current scenario. However, if we see a downfall in the times to come, then the token will have heavy support at the price of ₹20,000.00 and ₹18,000.00. However, based on the TAO token’s development, it can be anticipated that the token will continue its bull run in 2023. 


Bittensor’s ethos of decentralization, scalability, and resilience to censorship, along with the practical benefits of its TAO tokens, puts it as a pioneer in the AI crypto sector. Its open-source ideology fosters widespread participation and collaboration, highlighting the company’s dedication to democratizing artificial intelligence. 

Bittensor has put in motion a revolution with its native TAO token that promises to reshape the landscape of AI and blockchain. Bittensor and its TAO cryptocurrency, indeed, usher us into a brave new world of decentralized intelligence.

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