UAE Schools Introduced Cryptocurrency in Curriculum

Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, and Web3.0 are the future of the world where everything will be connected to these in multiple ways. And UAE has realized that already, UAE s already known for its technological advancements and luxurious life there so we can say it was already expected from them. 

UAE schools have started educating the students about cryptocurrency now which includes traditional as well as video modes of education and giving them real-life experiences. This has become a mandatory 1 week per class schedule to aware the children about possibilities in the technology space. 

These courses give students the opportunity to learn about NFTs and the larger metaverse. Hence, also experiencing and exploring the field of blockchain game development.

The measure is intended to enhance internet safety, says Gillian Hammond, principal at Reptom Al Barsha. She claimed that one should be able to determine what is appropriate to share online, especially in a densely populated digital environment like the metaverse.

The pupils are warned not to ever disclose their names, addresses, or photos.

The group of schools that Reptom Al Barsha is a part of has named blockchain “the technology of the future” as part of this larger effort to promote online safety. As they increase awareness among the kids, instructors, and parents, the school hopes to become a leader, she added.

While highlighting the need of teaching students about developing technology, Tracy Moxley, the administrator of another UAE-based school, said she wants to make sure that kids “have a digital attitude.”

She is encouraging to promote financial literacy in the context of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and more broadly, digital assets to young minds. 

The country’s leader declared in September 2022 at the Dubai Metaverse Assembly that they are thinking about a new economic output meter to gauge the impact of the metaverse on their economy.

The schools were already teaching the students about computer science and coding from the 1st grade and now digital topics will be included with that. 

From FS1 to Year 13, students will obtain a digital record of their time spent in school learning about crypto. Students could easily verify exam transcripts because they would be dated papers, and they could exchange them safely.

Last year the same school launched digital passports for the students by using a blockchain provider. 

UAE Citizens Schools accepts cryptocurrency for fees

One school in Dubai that follows the UK curriculum, Citizens School, even claimed to be the first in the Middle East to accept cryptocurrency payments for tuition. The college accepts payments in ETH and BTC.

The transition to cryptocurrency payment alternatives comes as the Dubai Government passed its first law governing virtual assets, providing investors with a secure and cutting-edge legal framework.

Dr. Adil Alzarooni, the founder of Citizens School, stated: “A while back, cryptocurrency was only a floating term among experienced investors. But as cryptocurrencies become more widely accepted today, they are changing the structure of the established financial system.

Alzarooni continued, “We look forward to expanding the role of young generations in achieving the UAE‘s digital economy by introducing this new payment facility. Children of today will become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and investors as more people embrace the digital age.”

At Raha International School in Abu Dhabi, visual arts instructor Mark Ryan said he has been teaching his students how to take a piece of art and create an NFT since last year.

Last year, students were free to choose any theme for an exhibition. According to him, some of them were passionate about NFTs.

Students who created NFTs were encouraged to just explore how the digital world work. And the school assisted in tracking their work as emerging artists rather than turning them into buying and selling cryptocurrency

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